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Architectural Moulding & Millworks,, is a family owned and run business. They proudly boast an attitude of pride…providing their customers with quality service for 10 years. AM&M was established in 1995 occupying a facility of 10,000 sq. feet, filled with columns, mouldings, and the like. To visit the company today you will be impressed with a facility that is well over 30,000 sq. feet. From columns to mouldings, from crown mouldings to frame mouldings, from architectural columns to spinal columns, AM&M will guarantee to provide all your decorative needs.

What accounts for our booming growth? Well one would have to say hardwork, dedication, superior customer service, and the highest quality mouldings, columns and architectural products; just to name a few. Word of mouth by our satisfied customers has built our business. There is no better advertising than a satisfied customer. Here is what one of many of our customer’s has to say about us:

"From the moment I bought our first piece of moulding, Architectural mouldings and millworks has made me feel like one of the family. I have yet to find a better moulding and a better group of honest hard working people. I am happy to say that our company was one of their first customers and to this day we continue to have a successful business relationship. This company really stands by their word, upfront and honest!" - Daniel

When considering seeking our services we believe it is important for you to know that we will bring you the best prices for columns, mouldings, stair parts, and architectural products you need; all delivered with a smile by our friendly staff. To get to know our staff you will be delighted. We like to refer to them as a well-oiled machine, each person operating separately but yet working together for YOU! We give our customers all that they deserve –the finest service of superior products.

Never once, has any inquiry gone unanswered or unsolved. Give us the oppurtunity to prove to you that we are one of a kind company..

So, we invite you to check us out. We won’t disappoint you! We know we can fulfill all your moulding, columns, and architectural needs!

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