Columns are just one of many products that Architectural Moulding and Millworks manufacturers. We manufacturer a complete line of column styles such as architectural columns, Tuscan, decorative columns, Doric, Roman, Greek column, Ionic column and Corinthian column. You can order columns manufactured to fit your special projects; Such as wood columns, polymer column, polyurethane column, foam column for various applications. We carry interior columns and exterior structural, along with load bearing columns. Architectural Moulding and Millworks offers custom columns in red oak, hard maple, cherry, black walnut, western red cedar and mahogany in widths up to 36" wide and various heights. Our columns can be ordered as square columns, round columns, tapered columns and non-tapered columns. Including a full line of capitals and bases such as Tuscan, roman Corinthian, empire, Greek angular ionic, temple of the winds, Greek erectheum, roman ionic, roman Doric ornamental and scamozzi.

The architectural column(s) that we offer come in a variety of materials and styles. This enables us to provide the architectural column, precisely to each customer specifications. We supply our architectural columns with the most meticulous attention to detail and design. We are dedicated to unrivaled customer service, superior product, cost effective pricing, and delivering in a timely manner.

Our experienced professionals can help you select from our high-quality standard products or develop your own unique custom designs. At Architectural Moulding & Millworks, our capabilities for customized products are unsurpassed, and we welcome the opportunity to develop architectural accents that meet your precise needs.

Heres alittle history about columns that you mind find interesting.
"Columns" -- In re: Architectural Column

In architecture and structural engineering, a column is that part of a structure whose purpose is to transmitthrough compression the weight of the structure. Other compression members are often termed column because of the similar stress conditions. Column(s) can be either compounded of parts or made as a singlepiece. Column(s) are frequently used to support beams or arches on which the upper parts of walls or ceilings rest.

In the architecture of ancient Egypt as early as 2600 BC the architect Imhotep made use of stonecolumns whose surface was carved to reflect the organic form of bundled reeds; in later Egyptian architecture faceted cylinderswere also common.

The classical orders Ionic base, the torus enriched with interlaced guilloche, at the Erechtheum, Athens, 421 - 407 BC

The Roman author Vitruvius, relying on the writings (now lost) of Greekauthors, tells us that the ancient Greeks believed thattheir Doric order developed from techniques for building in wood in which the earlier smoothed tree trunk was replaced by a stonecylinder. This myth of the transformation of wood into stone still causes controversy today - did the ancient Greeks inventcolumns this way for themselves, or did they imitate the stone construction of neighboring civilization?

The Doric , or Tuscan, order is the oldest and simplest of theclassical order. It is composed of a vertical cylinder that is wider at the bottom. It generally has neither a base nor a capital. It is often referred to as the masculine order because it is represented in the bottomlevel of the Colosseum, and was therefore considered to be able to hold moreweight.

The Ionic column is considerably more complex than the Doric. Itusually has a base and the shaft is often fluted (it has grooves carved up its length).

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