Limited Warranty

All architectural woodwork is guaranteed to be of good material and workmanship and free from defects that render it unserviceable for the use for which it is intended. The quality of architectural woodwork is safeguarded while it is in our possession. To be protected by our guarantee, our products must not be stored in damp warehouses or placed in moist or freshly plastered buildings. The woodwork must not be subjected to abnormal heat or dryness. Permanent-type heat and air conditioning must be in operation a sufficient length of time to "cure" the building before any woodwork or doors are delivered to the site.

Adhere to recommendations for range and maintenance of relative humidity. Allow delivered wood work to acclimatize to the job site for a minimum of 72 hours before installation. Factory finished woodwork often requires a week or more on site for acclimatization.

Woodwork must be inspected upon arrival and all claims or complainants must be filed before painters' finish is applied. All doors must be properly sealed on all surfaces, including top and bottom edges, to prevent absorption of moisture. We will not be responsible for defects resulting from neglect of the precautions.

We agree within a period of one year after delivery date, to repair or replace, without charge any woodwork which is defective within the meaning of this guarantee. We do not agree to be responsible for any work which was not original performed by us. We do not agree to pay charges for finishing or installed replaced woodwork. This guarantee is not effective if goods are repaired or replaced without first obtaining our written consent.


Custom orders
All custom order's are nonrefundable after manufacturing has begun. Deposits may be required.

All accounts will ship c.o.d. with a deposit required on all custom order's or new accounts, unless otherwise noted. Ownership remains with the seller until entire invoice has been paid in full. Past due balances are subject to interest charges of 1-1/2% per month. Approved credit terms are subject to a C.O.D. status without notice if account is delinquent. NO ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN FROM ACCOUNTS THAT ARE NOT PAID WITHIN 40 DAYS OF INVOICE DATE. If invoices, are not paid in full, then purchaser agrees to pay sellers cost of collections and attorney's fee's.

All deliveries will be made to door or to curb side only. Accepted by authorized personnel.

Finish and Installation
All finishes and installation will be provided by customer.

All quotes do not include painting, finishes, installation, and or hardware, unless otherwise noted. Pricing on quotes will be held for 15 days from quote date.

At Mouldings.cc, we pride ourselves on running your millwork order as close to your total request as possible, without cutting full length mouldings.

Waste Factor
Wood is a NATURAL MATERIAL with variations in COLOR, TEXTURE, and FIGURE. These variations are influenced by the natural growing process and are uncontrollable by the manufacturer, and are NOT CONSIDERED A DEFECT. In order to compensate for variations and natural wood products and waste incurred by cutting. Add a 10% to 20% waste factor to your order to eliminate shortage.

Grade Allowance

Premium 1
Custom 2
bark pocket / pith
checks, splits not exceeding
1/32" x 5"
1/16" x 7"
patches *
sound knot-not to exceed
worm holes *
none / except mahogany
1/16" / except mahogany
none, except slight mineral
permitted in 25% pcs. not
in Maple, Birch
exceeding 10% of the
Ash,or Cherry
surface area of each piece.,
5 %
10 %
Excluding cherry & walnut
Excluding cherry & walnut
hardwood allowance ave.
1 per 150 sq. inches
1 per 150 sq. inches
softwood allowance ave.
1 per 300 sq. inches
1 per 300 sq. inches
* To be filled in the finish process.
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Architectural woodwork, by it's very nature, is used primarily in fine quality projects. The three AWI grades that are available are Economy, Custom, and Premium.

Economy Grade
The grade defining the minimum expectation of quality according to the 7th Edition AWI standards.

Custom Grade
The grade specified for most high quality architectural woodwork. This grade provides a well defined degree of control over the quality of materials and workmanship. All orders will be custom unless otherwise noted.

Premium Grade
The grade specified when the highest degree of control over the quality of the materials and workmanship under the 7th edition AWI standards.

Please consult your Mouldings.cc sales representative prior to placing a order for grade selection.

All lumber will be furnished plain sawn unless otherwise specified.
All wood products supplied will meet an F.A.S. grade unless otherwise noted. Wood is a hygroscopic material, and under normal conditions WILL readily exchange moisture with the vapor in the surrounding atmosphere. In high humidity, WOOD WILL pick up moisture and swell, cup, and warp. In low humidity, WOOD WILL release moisture and shrink.

Normal minor fluctuations in humidity occur, the resulting expansion and contraction will occur and is NOT A DEFECTIVE WOOD PRODUCT. To avoid problems, it is recommended that the relative humidity be maintained within the range of 25% to 55%. Uncontrolled extremes below 20% or above 80% relativity humidity - ARE LIKELY TO CAUSE PROBLEMS. Store wood products flat, in a dry interior surface.

Wood products perform well and with complete satisfaction when correctly designed and used.

Wood is a NATURAL MATERIAL with variations in COLOR, TEXTURE, and FIGURE. These variations are influenced by the natural growing process and are uncontrollable by the manufacturer, and are NOT CONSIDERED A DEFECT.

The color of wood within a tree varies between the "sapwood" which is usually lighter in color, and the "heartwood".

There will be variations of grain patterns within any selected species.

The manufacture cannot select solid lumber cuttings within a species by grain and color in their same manner in which veneers may be selected. Therefore, color, texture, and grain variations will occur in the finest architectural woodworking. The supply of lumber, as regards both species and sizes, is affected by many factor's such as current demand, export regulations, etc. Please call Mouldings.cc before specifying quantities of a species, thickness, width, or long lengths to avoid delays.

The methods and skill involved in the installation of woodwork in large determine the final appearance of the wood project. Building codes will be the customer's responsibility. The many species of wood vary considerably in their receptivity to the multitude of finishing processes on the market. Design professionals should take into consideration the finish that will be applied when selecting a particular species.

Architectural woodwork should be allowed to come to equilibrium on site prior to installation, a minimum of 72 hours for best results. Factory finished woodwork may require a week or more to acclimatize to reduce swelling and contracting.

Mouldings.cc WILL NOT warranty or be responsible for any wood products that are not: Sealed front and back (primed). SEALING will YIELD BETTER RESULTS.

All wood products must be sanded prior to applying a finish All flat surfaces must be sanded with a minimum of 150 grit sandpaper, moulded surfaces with a minimum of a 120 grit sandpaper. Architectural Moulding & Millworks WILL NOT warranty any mouldings or wood products unless previously SANDED.

Years of performance have shown certain species to be more durable for exterior applications. The following is a list of species generally considered acceptable for exterior use: Eastern & Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Ipe ,Douglas-Fir, Genuine Mahogany, White oak, Teak, Redwood.

It is the responsibility of the specifier to indicate what fire rating, if any, is required for the woodwork. In the absence of such a specified rating, Architectural Moulding & millworks, Inc. will supply a unrated wood material.

partially composed from ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK QUALITY STANDARDS . (7th Edition Version 1.0 1997)