Crown mouldings are just one of many products that carries. Architectural Moulding, Millworks and other architectural products are our speciality. We offer crown molding in a wide variety of materials, such as; mdf crown moulding, wood crown moulding, ldf crown moldings, flexible crown moulding, embossed crown moldings, resin crown, pre primed crown and foam crown moldings. Our wood crown molding line is available in all species for instance; poplar, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, ash, mahogany, American cherry, pine and many many more. Crown molding is produced in a multitude of patterns and types for example; dentil crown molding, cornice moulding, ornamental crown moulding and cove moulding which are all used as ceiling mouldings. Our factory is capable of custom manufacturing decorative mouldings designed to fit your specifications. Our staff can match your existing moulds or create new profiles in an average of 5 to 7 work days. Architectural Moulding and Millworks mouldings come in long lengths and meet or exceed AWI standards and specifications. We stock crown moulding in well-liked woods; poplar, red oak, hard maple, American cherry, mahogany and ldf pre primed and are ready for prompt shipment. All of the above architectural mouldings are shipped unfinished for staining and painting.

Throughout history, Elegant Hardwood Crown has embellished the finest homes and commercial buildings all over the world. Crown Moulding(s) from Architectural Moulding and Millworks turn an average room into a signature statement with your own individual imprint. The ordinary is fashioned into the extraordinary.

And, Elegant Hardwood Crown will add value well in excess of their cost. Astute homeowners, architects, designers, and builders know that every $100 spent on these beautiful Moulding adds $300 or more in the market value to the project.

Plus, when it's time to sell, your unique property will move more quickly because its upgraded Crown moulding sets it apart from others on the market.

Architectural Moulding, Architectural millworks is our speciality, we can even make an old Crown to match every application for every budget. We give you maximum product for maximum satisfaction with 5 families of decrative mouldings products for all your decorating needs:

Crown Moulding

  • Handsome embossed hardwood - nearly 100 ornamental profiles stocked in poplar and red oak, with other species available on request.
  • Traditional smooth hardwood - over 200 classical profiles to match your every decor objective.
  • Economical embossed MDF - medium density fibreboard in a limited selection of profiles for painting or staining.
  • Primed smooth MDF - for the value-oriented project that still needs a touch of class.

Crown Moulding

Here's something special: all Architectural Moulding and Millworks Crown molding is available in UltraFlex resin for curved and radius applications. Need casing for your round windows that matches the straight decrative mouldings around your doors? We can do it!

Architectural Moulding, Millworked Crown moulding is distributed by the best distributors and dealers in the millwork industry - world-wide. The breadth of our product lines - and their architectural correctness - means that is the One Source to meet all the needs and requirements of Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders.

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Crown Mouldings









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